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The Life of a Silence Franciscan will transform your life inside out and see the beauty of God surrounding you.  The Celtic spirituality is the connection of the thin places reminiscent of the Garden of Eden, while Franciscan is a connection with the animal kingdom and nature.  The silence is the focus of centering prayer of being still, being one with the surroundings.

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Bro. Jason D Boyd, OCF

Bro. Jason's life is a testament to the power of determination and faith in overcoming obstacles. As an ordained priest of the Order of Celtic Franciscans in the Southeast province of North America, he has dedicated himself to serving others, despite facing profound deafness since childhood. His journey has been marked by resilience, as he learned to navigate a world of sound through a cochlear implant and fluent American Sign Language (ASL).

Beyond the confines of traditional church settings, Bro. Jason has carved out spaces for spiritual growth and community engagement. Co-founding the Anglo-Methodist Ecclesia, a study group focused on spiritual exploration beyond silence, he has fostered a supportive environment for seekers of all backgrounds.


Bro. Jason's commitment to serving extends far beyond the sanctuary. Through avenues like group study sessions, backyard ministry, camp ministry, and dinner ministry, he shares his teachings of Natural Theology, inspiring and empowering others to lead lives of purpose and compassion.


Even in his leisure time, Bro. Jason's dedication to service shines through. Whether participating in charity races or offering prayers with fellow runners, he remains steadfast in his mission to support local causes and uplift those in need.


Continuing his educational journey, Bro. Jason is currently enrolled in the Education for Ministry program at The University of the South at Sewanee. Through weekly study groups, he not only deepens his theological understanding but also discerns God's calling and hones his ministry skills through active listening and dialogue.


Looking ahead, Bro. Jason eagerly anticipates pursuing his Master of Divinity degree at the seminary, furthering his expertise and impact in the field of ministry. Additionally, his forthcoming book promises to share insights gleaned from years of dedicated service and study, offering guidance and inspiration to all who seek it.

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January 2005

January 2021

Established Charity Runs Ministry

June 2023

Elected to serve as Vice President for the Episcopal Conference of the Deaf for 2023 - 2026


January 2020

Enrolled in Order of Celtic Franciscan (OCF)

September 2022

Enrolled into a 4-year program in Education for Ministry (EfM) by Sewanee at the University of the South.

February 2024

Became a Postulant of the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi


June 2020

Ordained as Franciscan Priest

September 2022

Became a member of Episcopal Conference of the Deaf


Future Tentative Timeline

2024 -- Enroll in seminary

2026 -- Obtain EfM Certification

2026 -- Ordain to the Diaconate

2027 -- Obtain Master of Divinity

2027 -- Ordain to the Priesthood



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