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Charity Runners Ministry

The Charity Runners is a ministry group that runs or walks the miles and brings awareness at various 5k to Marathon throughout Mississippi and other states.  It is a year-long fundraising event supporting the Magnolia Speech School, a private school for hearing & speaking impaired children.  The school where Brother Jason is an alumnus. 

The team foundation started in 2021, but Brother Jason has been running at various races since 2016 as part of his wellness health program.  Each year, the friendship connection grew from one person to several hundred. All the people he met were not local but scattered across the states.  The team's annual goal is to raise at least $2,000 to support the tuition for students whose families are living below the poverty threshold. 

Feel free to DONATE in Bro. Jason's honor to the Charity Runners team! 

At the time of this photo, the school didn't have the numbers on hand, so we put down our yearly goal. The day after, we received an official amount raised by the 2022 Charity Runners team of $2,255!  We are thankful to all those who have contributed.  All things come of thee, O Lord. And of thine own have we give thee.

2022 Charity Runners Team

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