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And God Said…

“Let there be light.” Genesis 1:3

I have read the creation story several times up until now, and a new profound perspective changed how I interpret the Bible.  God wasn’t alone when He said or His consciousness thoughts, “Let there be light.”  When He made a statement, all his helpers listened and obeyed Him.  All spiritual beings were doing the work for God, not the result of their own. 

Everything in the physical realms belongs to God, the creator of all things, seen and unseen. We are talking about everything with atoms, protons, neutrons, and carbon materials.  And, yes, the UFO and life in other worlds are inclusive if there is one that exists, but we probably won’t reach them or make contact until we first learn to listen to God with our commitment to take care of Earth from going into existence.

Remember that Paul mentions that we are many members of one body of Christ.  It’s the same as many angels and all spiritual beings for one God.

The evolution of the creation is not a bad word and therefore gives the sciences and doubters a hard time figuring it out.  That’s one of the things I have been trying to find the answers to growing up.  At first, I was a doubter, and now I truly believe in God because of the recent enlightenment a few years ago.

One day, I gave up and moved on to understand the attributes of God.  A new world of perspectives shifted and combined all the knowledge I understood with God’s creation.  The understanding process doesn’t happen overnight.  It has been three years until today when a switch of thoughts was triggered, and then it flooded into my consciousness, connecting all the puzzles I learned.

The evolution could take millions of years or in a few hours with time speed. A time speed only God can do. Several authors of Genesis wrote the creation story in one book, not by one person.  You will notice that the grammar is a little different by reading it.  It’s like taking several authors and splicing them into one passage.  So, let’s say there were several scribes or reporters per sé.  The patriarch Abraham tells the story based on his dreams that God provided one for each night, including the day of rest.   The day of rest is when God established relationships with man, both male and female.  No labor was done on the rest day.

I am not a scholar, but the visionary that comes to mind helped me see a different perspective. The story of the creation was written approximately about 4,000 years ago, that is, nearly 2,000 BCE.  It was when humanity started to write on stone or a type of medium that was portable when the tribes moved around.  However, humanity was probably created even further than at least half a million years.  The oral fork lore stories were passed down through the egos.

“Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” Genesis 1:26

This is the debate in our culture today.  Almost everyone thinks our physical body is the “image” of God’s likeness.  It’s quite the contrary.  Without the angel’s involvement, God created our souls, the spiritual aspect of the human host.  Yes, Adam and Eve were created based on earthly elements and the yin/yang of their sexual characteristics into a different sexual apparent.  The soul belongs to God, a genderless soul that God gives life to all physical beings and gives its breath.  The breath the wind blows carries the soul to the temporary vessel.

I can easily understand the separation between the soul and the human body.  Once the soul and human body become one at birth, which is temporary during its lifetime, it creates the ego and the persona by developing the characteristics.  The ego has the desire, wants, and needs. The ego is the sinful nature of the human melded with yin and yang, good and bad, known as the Tree of Knowledge, that Adam ate the forbidden fruit, the fruit of the Ego that is part of the serpent.

The word Adam is a Hebrew human translation, representing both Adam and Eve before their eyes were open and before they called each other by name.  What was open was the physical realm that we currently see.  They lived what it was like to see the spiritual dominate over the physical.  This Adam is the first human creation, a sinless world, who walked in the Garden of Eden and they walked with God.  God knew they were bound to eat the fruit without Him present, and yes, when it was time, God had planned to let them eat the fruit and then teach them the proper way without the blame, which is to teach us to live like Christ.  However, the serpent, the Devil, has gotten in the way so that humanity’s fate has detoured, causing Adam to blame God for the woman created by Him to eat it, and then they fall from God’s grace -- the fall of humanity.

“Called to be saints” 2 Corinthian 1:2

Before Christ accented into Heaven, the Apostles were directed to go to all Nations to proclaim the Good News.  We were called to be saints, a devoted partnership with God. God’s mission for us on Earth is a different vision of what humans want to be.  Now that Jesus has come and paved the way for us to move toward His mission, what has not taught us here, let it be rectified and leave it for Heaven to deal with it.  He directs His community of saints to finish establishing the New Kingdom, the restoration of New Eden.  Only a few will find that path of God’s plan; however, there is a long process to educating all souls toward God’s mission.

We all need to practice the true example of Christ’s likeness and attitude toward others, teaching the younger generation they look up to us by example where they watched and learned—showing the world how to overcome the obstacles of wrong ways.  That was Christ's ministry, and we are to take up the torch to complete it for Him.   Unfortunately, the scale has tipped, and the path has steered and heading toward destruction; both humans and our influence impact the climate.  We must reconnect to Nature and fix the environmental and climate damage before learning to travel beyond the moon.

I saw a glimpse of God’s dream for humanity's future, and it’s nowhere near where we are today.  Unfortunately, humanity's future is at stake because the fulfillment of Revelation has to happen first.


Photo of "Light there be light" by Adrian Dascal on Unsplash; "Image of man" by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash; "call to be saints" by Bro. Jason D. Boyd.


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