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Avoid Spotlight

Being a successful or well-known person comes with consequences for your reputation. According to Jesus, we should be careful how we show ourselves to the world.

Let’s be clear here about what I meant by “Avoid Spotlight.” I am not referring to being on the stage with the light shining on you or like this little boy in this photo trying to tell the world who he is. It does feel good to let others know who you are. However, your action has to prove it and it defines you.

Tell no man

And Jesus said unto them, But who say ye that I am? And Peter answering said, The Christ of God. But He charged them, and commanded them to tell this to no man.

Let’s read the scripture of the gospel, Luke 9:20-21. Think about this for a minute. Why did Jesus command the apostles not to tell anyone about who Jesus was? Jesus cannot be a witness of himself. The message explains a lot about being who people see through others.

Smart people don’t claim themself without actions or desire; otherwise, they will delude themself. Let me explain from different perspectives.

I shared my sacred journey of the last few years and my future goals with a friend. She was moved and felt inspired. A couple of far-fetch goals I brought up to her got my attention, that I needed to stop right there.

I had to avoid putting myself in the spotlight because I was sharing how I felt and what I would like to do. It got me thinking about exactly what Jesus told the apostles. He told them to let others observe and claim who Jesus was. Let the witness unfold on its own.

Any desire or wants must be prayed to God, who will provide. Let God guides you in what He sees fit for your life. The answer you need is often available to you that you weren't aware of. Others will find your true self and the truth.

What to Avoid:

  • Don't take pride in your accomplishments.

  • Don’t tell others who you are. Let them SEE who you are.

  • Don’t tell them your desired goal. That is your personal goal to achieve, but people have to see you do actions.

  • Don't make a big deal of something that everyone should follow. You are setting up for destruction toward your reputation.


Image Credit: Jason Rosewell, Parry Sound, Canada, Unsplash


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