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God's Glory in the First Light

My day typically starts before dawn, before the first light. Usually, it is my prayer hour while the world tries to wake up. But, something symbolic about watching the first light arrives that stirs your soul that you can’t even put into words. I would say that the arriving light you see is the hope of God’s spirit.

Light is the first gift given to the creation. In the void of darkness before the creation of the universe, God said, “Let there be light.” [1] This is not the physical light you see, like the Sun or the stars. Can you imagine what the awe would be like when Angels watch the Almighty?

The same feeling I have every time I watch the first 3 minutes of the light peering through the horizon that bounce off the clouds in the darkness. I am not talking about the Sun peeping at the horizon -- it’s the twilight between dawn, and the Sun comes up. You have to pay attention to experience it. Light doesn’t wait, just like time. That 3 minutes seem like 15 minutes. Then the rest of your day will be a blessing and a good day.

There is hope, and the joy comes afterward!

That is the hope that cannot take away from creation.

The hope that cannot be destroyed.

The hope that darkness cannot contain.

The same light that gave the good news to the shepherds at the time of Christ’s birth [2], the first light of Christmas. Again, it is symbolic and a reminder to all just and unjust. The hope changes our attitude in an instance that makes us fall on our knees and beg for forgiveness. God wins, and the victory is His!


Image Credit: Bro. Jason D. Boyd.

[1] Genesis 1:3

[2] Luke 2:9-10


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