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How I View God

Take a moment to look at the image, zoom in if you need to see it up close, and take the time to reflect on what you see before you read the rest of this blog.

I could not find the exact image set as the Chrome browser’s wallpaper. It has a picture of a nebula in the foreground with countless galaxies spotted across the cosmos in the background. This one is close enough for you. It’s a deep field view that spans more than a trillion lightyears from each end of the frames. The lights you see now in this image reached us what they looked like more than a billion years ago. If we send a light signal toward that galaxy today, the signal won’t arrive there until a billion years later. Nothing can travel faster than light but God.

As a kid, I would spend many nights lying on the grass and gazing at the starry skies. I often wondered how God created the stars and planets. All that power from the touch of His voice came into being that has a purpose.

When I looked at the image, contemplated, and cleared my thoughts, my soul stirred. The Spirit of God, the living Holy Spirit, resides in us and will reveal to you when you believe there is a God in all places simultaneously. My soul proclaims that God’s Spirit is present in those galaxies as He is present everywhere around us at once. That’s the power of His Almighty!


Image: NASA, Hubble Spotlights a Swirling Spiral.


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