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How to listen to God.

A deaf perspective of their view of knowing God.

The fog over the forrest with the sun light and shadows.

I had people ask me a simple question they never thought possible.

The questions were related to deafness and spirituality. Most of them take for granted to hear things, but don’t forget the spiritual ear doesn’t need a physical ear.

It is a blessing to be deaf.

It is a blessing to be hearing.

It is a blessing to be [you fill in the blank].

God sees everyone as equal regardless of disability, illness, sexual orientation, or ethnic background. God sees the heart of your actions, compassion, well-being, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, and helping others.

Deafness is not caused by the sin of your birth parents or the sin of your past or future.

Deafness is a purpose. It is God’s story for your journey—the journey He designed to guide your foot in that no one else will.

Take joy in the deafness or being in silence. You will begin to feel God’s Spirit move through you, not by the vibration of man-made noises but by the noise of nature. For example, the winds, the stillness of the air, the rain, the thunders, the ground you sit on, the roaring of the ocean waves, the magnificent waterfall, and the Sun. Surprisingly, you can feel the vibration from the Sun’s light waves.

Look around you. Nature praises God every moment, every day. Pay attention to Nature. It teaches us the way: animals, climate, fishes in the sea, and birds in the air. God created the world for us to live and experience Him through Nature.

Be still and know He is the “I AM,” and feel Him speaking through you.

You may be wondering, “how?”

It’s simple. Start with contemplating and meditation—quiet your thoughts. Don’t rush into it because that’ll lead you to disappointment.

Open your heart a little wider for your mind to see the love of God. Your mind is hungry, but your heart will help you find the way to see, feel, and hear the breath of God through your soul.

Several scriptures teach us. It teaches us how to seek, listen, and feel God.

Take time to read the Bible or devotional. Read the scripture three times, pausing in between reading, to feel God speaking to you. This method is lectio divina.

A man reading the Bible in the field.


Top image: Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash Bottom image: Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


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