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  • Writer's pictureBro. Jason D Boyd


As I prayed this morning, I learned to pray inward instead of outward. God’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit, is listening to my internal thoughts, silently praying. It knows and relays the words I don’t understand to God. The Spirit intercession for us (Romans 8:26).

The first thing that came to mind after praying has given me a new perspective. “Do not put God to test.” (Matthew 4:7) Therefore, prayer should not be a demand. If there is something that I want — desperately want — I will have to look for a solution, a workaround. Most of the time, prayers are already answered if I look at a different path – not a shortcut.

I have to work for it and learn along the way to earn what I prayed for. Maricle does happen, but don’t expect and set a high expectation.


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