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The Guilt of Not Listening

I regret not trusting the thoughts or images I didn’t conjure up. Several days later, I reflected on the thoughts that popped up and got my attention. They were instructions I should obey and act, but time has passed. I was so preoccupied with my work situation that it took a toll on my daily routine. So, I missed the opportunity.

Do you ever wonder when you prayed for something and didn’t realize your prayers were answered several days later? That was devastating. I hope for a second opportunity, a second chance.

I just now realized how the Holy Spirit works with me because I had expected signs or something to show up. We tend to expect the way it should be, but the Spirit of God knows that. So he tests us to see if we are listening to him. There are several ways He can communicate with us, through feelings, thoughts, visions, communication with others, signs, animals, nature, and dreams.

I suppose I better start paying attention a little deeper. Sometimes the answers received are harder, and other times are simple. The silence is also an answer. That being said, I am heading toward becoming a priest for the rest of my life. I may never get a second chance when the opportunity arises. But, if I ask for forgiveness, I am sure He will provide a second chance.

Trust God and pay attention (listen carefully).


Image Credit: Mikita Karasiou on Unsplash


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