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Your Story

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Matthew 6:21 (KJV)

The treasure is a gift that God gave you the day you were born. It’s not a treasure you seek hidden in the ground by some pirate or the obsession you currently possess. The Earthly materials are sentimental to your memories but have no value. That is one type of treasure.

The other is the gifts -- your talents. Think back to your childhood to your teenage years; there are talents you may or may not be aware of. The talents you developed growing up define who you are and what you have become. God gave you the skills for your abilities to help improve the world toward His New Kingdom. Put aside the greed of power, luxury, and politics by focusing on the talent to help steer God’s children for a better world, not a world of destruction and wars. To help balance peace and reduce the desire of doing things the wrong way.

Technologies, medicines, and other Earthly materials improved each generation because God gave them gifts to improve the world. The changes are happening faster as we get older. See how television changed from a box to the palm of your hand and telephone mounted on the wall to the earpiece on your head. Automobiles changed from gas to electric, and soon-to-be nuclear fusion cars have not yet existed that will no longer require a refill fuel that is not dependable on gas or batteries.

This devotion is the focus of your story -- yours alone. The gifts assigned to you, the purpose of your life, is to work for God. Stories are a universal way to relate to and understand each other better. You may be struggling to find your gift or your talent. Ask your parent, friends, or God to provide an overview of your life since birth. Or draw a timeline with your milestones along the line. No two person’s stories are the same, but there will be similarities. The two or more of you can work together to do extraordinary things. Do not take pride that yours is better than others. God brought multiple children with a variant of the same talent together for that purpose.

These gifts cannot be taken away from you. It does not rot or is consumed by a moth.[1] The treasure is the gift in your heart. It is yours alone. What is your story?


Image credit: Syd Wachs, Weathered books, 2016, Hong Kong, photograph, Unsplash.

[1] Matthew 6:19-20

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